Surgery hours:
Mon. - Fri. 8.00 am - 3.00 pm
(also Mon. and Thur. afternoon by prior arrangement)

We have the future of our children at heart

We're working to make the world a greener place and help stop global
warming. Whenever we are able to detect that a new heart has started
beating in the womb here at the Kinderwunsch Institut, we mark this by
planting a tree through TreeMates. And every time we are able to hold
a consultation by video, it means that the carbon emissions of 185
g/km produced during the journey here are eliminated. We also plant a
tree to celebrate this!

We have already planted: 728

What is TreeMates?

TreeMates is a non-profit organisation based in Graz that promotes
sustainable reforestation. With their help, local farmers in tropical
regions are able to replant trees to make up for the systematic
destruction of the rainforest that has occurred over recent decades.
In addition to the positive effects on the global climate, this also
means that a suitable habitat for humans and animals is restored.