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Our sperm bank -
safe and discreet

Our bank contains semen samples obtained from carefully vetted donors.

There are various reasons why some men are unable to produce any spermatozoa. To meet their desire to have a child nevertheless, we can offer sperm samples obtained from selected and carefully vetted donors. Safe and discrete: our sperm bank in Graz.

What's the
legal situation?

Extract from the Austrian Reproductive Medicine Act: During the evaluation of a third party and their semen, it must be ensured, in the light of current medical knowledge and experience, that the semen has a suitable reproductive capacity and its use will not represent a health risk to the woman or planned child.

The semen of a third party may only be used for medically assisted reproduction if the third party in question has consented in writing to this procedure and to the provision of corresponding information by the medical institute. This consent may be withdrawn at any time; following this, any further use of the semen is prohibited.

A third party may only donate his semen for medically assisted reproduction to one and the same medical institute. The donation of semen for the purposes of medically assisted reproduction may not be made subject to a legal transaction involving payment.

A child conceived with the help of the donated semen of a third party is, on reaching the age of 14 years, to be given access to the corresponding records and thus to be informed accordingly.