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Our FRED research association

It is curiosity that drives our development and our future. I am not simply talking about the way that we explore things from a very young
age but also about what motivates me as a reproductive endocrinologist and embryologist. And here I am not alone. The FRED research
association established in 2015 at the Kinderwunsch Institut here in Dobl near Graz represents a platform for geneticists and physicians that enables them to investigate the as yet uncharted regions of human genetics and reproductive medicine.

We bring together universities and practice-based research with the intention of improving the understanding and treatment of the
reproductive problems experienced by affected couples. This is achieved through the four FRED focal areas of Fertility, Research,
Education and Development.


Working in collaboration on fertility-relevant projects with universities and medical and business partners, FRED acts as a think tank and a lively promoter of ideas designed to generate new life.


Here the focus is on biomarker research. With the consent of our
patients, we prospectively collect samples that would otherwise be
disposed of, such as residual serum, semen plasma, follicular fluid and culture fluids. Using these samples, the metabolic status of sex cells can be assessed.

It can be determined whether a particular cell is healthy or otherwise
on the basis of obtained results for biomarkers. Since 2013, the samples used for biomarker research have been stored in deep-frozen form in a biobank. With the help of the data sets we generate, we can provide our research groups and the commercial sector with samples that reduce their valuable research time and thus save costs.


One of the main features of FRED is the educational program. Thanks to our research infrastructure, we can bring people working in various
disciplines together in one place as an open space where they can undertake their work. In addition to providing facilities, we also offer unique teaching options. The “Wunder Leben” course initiated by Ms Claudia Schenk-Hauschka is designed for school students of all ages and provides them with important education on the topic of reproduction.

We offer specialist courses on various aspects of reproductive medicine in our FRED Academy. This includes a Master's degree program “Clinical Embryology” that is unique in Europe, provided in cooperation with the UNI for LIFE of the University of Graz. To date, more than 70 students have graduated with an MSc in Clinical


In our Development sector, we convert acquired knowledge into products and services. This includes the production of nearly market-ready biomarker tests that can be used internationally for the rapid evaluation of embryos.
In this sector we also cooperate in various products with partners, such as the K1 competence centre CB Med of the Graz Medical University and University of Technology, the FH Joanneum and commercial partners.

The objective is to ensure that satisfying our curiosity and thirst for knowledge will end up providing you with that child you have longed for for so long!