Welcome to the Kinderwunsch Institut Dr. Schenk!

The Kinderwunsch Institut Schenk offers comprehensive, sensitive support to accompany you from your desire to have children to your planned child.

You’re in the very best hands here with us regarding fertility, an unfulfilled desire to have children and the various therapeutic possibilities. The employees of our ​highly qualified team will be by your side at every stage on your way to becoming pregnant.


Realise your dream of a
planned child in four steps

Initial consultation

Kinderwunsch Initial consultation


The detailed initial consultation at the Kinderwunsch Institut allows us to ​get to know each other ​and to clarify important questions concerning your wishes and the therapeutic possibilities. With your consent, a plan for all the further steps and the time schedule are then drawn up.

Individual counselling

Kinderwunsch Individual counselling


In the course of a structured interview, we try to find out together why it has not worked until now, which allows us to determine the next steps. We then carry out extensive examinations of both partners and, using the results, we are able to discuss with them the possible options for treatment.


Kinderwunsch Therapy


The Kinderwunsch Institut offers various ways to become pregnant: optimum sexual intercourse, injecting the sperm into the fallopian tube, in vitro fertilisation (IVF) in a test tube or the ICSI method, which involves injecting a sperm cell into an egg cell. These fertilisation possibilities are supported by sophisticated technical, scientific and medical methods of therapy.

Pregnancy test

Kinderwunsch Pregnancy test


On the 15th day after fertilisation has taken place, a pregnancy test is carried out. We support you during the first weeks of pregnancy, until your child’s heart starts to beat in the seventh week.

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Realise your dream of a
planned child in four steps