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We explain everything to do with getting that child you have so wished for in simple and concise terms in our video series “Kinderwunsch TV”. What new options can contemporary medicine offer in the form of the new procedures for genetic testing of embryos? What might be the reasons why you cannot have a baby? What fertility treatments are there? You'll learn the answers to the above and much more through our

The miracle of a much-desired child thanks to cycle monitoring

Dr. Michael Schenk explains how exactly cycle monitoring can increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

Menstrual Cramps & Infertility

Dr. Michael Schenk discusses endometriosis as a significant issue in the context of the unfulfilled desire to have a child.

Egg and sperm donor selection

Dr. Michael Schenk explains how we select our egg and sperm donors.

Egg donation

Dr. Michael Schenk explains the details of the egg donation procedure at the Kinderwunsch Institut.

What is FertiBot?

Dr. Schenk tells you about FertiBot - the online fertility test designed by the Kinderwunsch Institut.

Late motherhood

In today's world, many put off having children until later so that late motherhood has become the norm. But when is late too late? Dr. Michael Schenk explains the connections between the biological clock, age and the wish to have a child.

How lifestyle can influence fertility

Why does your planned child hate smoking and drinking? Because both have negative effects on the man's sperm quality. Dr. Schenk explains why this is.

Hormonal contraceptives and their effects on pregnancy

Hormones - love 'em or hate 'em? Here Dr. Michael Schenk explains the links between hormone-based contraception and the wish to have a child.

The new, non-invasive EMBRACE genetic embryo test

Dr. Michael Schenk explains how the EMBRACE test by Igenomix works, the new non-invasive embryo genetic test that has been available at the Kinderwunsch Institut since 27 August 2020.

Pregnant despite illness?

The healthier you are, the better the chances of becoming pregnant. Dr. Schenk outlines the illnesses that could impair your chances of having a baby and that reduce fertility.

What are the factors that affect male fertility?”

Dr. Michael Schenk describes the illnesses that can have a negative effect on male fertility.

The influence of age when attempting to conceive

Fertile throughout your life? Many believe that age plays no role when you want to have a child. However. age determines fertility in both females and males. Dr. Schenk explains why that is.

Research at the Kinderwunsch Institut

Dr. Gregor Weiss, Head of our Department of Medical Science and Research, explains in this video how the research facilities at the Kinderwunsch Institut are organised.

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