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Same sex couples

For us, it is also important to help same sex female couples attain their wish to have a child. Of course, open to them are also other ways of becoming pregnant without the help of a reproductive specialist; however, these approaches are not particularly safe or healthy.

At the Kinderwunsch Institut, we offer same sex couples the same treatment options as other couples. The woman who wishes to become pregnant can opt for intrauterine insemination (IUI), in which donated sperm is injected directly into her uterus with the help of a catheter. The sperm we use will be from our sperm bank and will have been donated by healthy, carefully vetted donors.

No right to deny offspring

In 2014, the government in Austria decided to consider legalising egg donations and also the liberalisation of the regulations that applied to the treatment of same sex couples. For many years now, Dr. Michael Schenk has provided counselling to lesbian women who have the desire to have a child, and he is glad to be able to provide them with active support. Irrespective of the gender of those wanting a child, it can never be wrong to bring wanted and planned babies into the world.

After consideration of the draft law on 13 November 2014 by the Austrian constitutional court, it was decided to permit donated eggs to be used by lesbian couples. It is also now permitted for the donated eggs and sperm of third parties to be used in medically assisted reproduction and certain preimplantation diagnostic techniques (examination of fertilised eggs prior to implant ion in the uterus).

„Irrespective of the gender of those wanting a child, it can never be wrong to bring wanted and planned babies into the world.“


Is financial assistance available?

By the way, same sex couples can also apply to the Austrian IVF Fund for help with the costs of treatment if there are certain diagnostic factors present and the specified age limits are not exceeded. And, just like in the case of other couples, the sooner same sex couples consult us, the greater is the probability that pregnancy will be achieved.