Surgery hours:
Mon. - Fri. 8.00 am - 3.00 pm
(also Mon. and Thur. afternoon by prior arrangement)

Cristina Pastor-Leary, MSc

Laboratory for Clinical Embryology and Research


What is my area of responsibility at the KIWI IVF Clinic!
As an embryologist, my job is to collect your gametes process them carefully, ensure their fertilization and keep them in the best of conditions so that they develop into embryos. Further to my work in the IVF lab, I also support the Research ad Development department by participating on the collection of data for studies.

Why do I like working at the KIWI IVF Clinic?
I really enjoy working at the KIWI, I feel that the team is like a small family which makes the clinic's atmosphere friendly and relaxed. The team is well complemented and focused on accompanying patients on their journey to achieve the miracle of life.

What can I do to help you relax and become pregnant?
I'm passionate about my work and I love to contribute to your wish for a child. Everyday I do my best to ensure that your embryos are well taken care of.

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