Same-sex couples with the desire to have a child

We’re very concerned about making the wish of a child come true for same-sex female couples. Of course, they also have options to get pregnant without the help of a reproductive specialist, however, these approaches are not particularly safe or healthy. In the case of a treatment at our Kinderwunsch Institut, same-sex couples are provided with the same treatment options as other couples. In the context of an intrauterine insemination (IUI), by means of a catheter, donor sperm is injected directly into the uterus of the woman who wishes to get pregnant. The sperm used for this purpose from our sperm bank is provided by completely healthy, selected donors.

No right to deny offspring

In 2014, the government paved the way for egg donation and also liberalised the treatment for same-sex couples. For many years now, Dr. Michael Schenk has provided counselling for lesbian women who have the desire to have a child, and he is glad to provide some active support. "After all, it can never be a mistake to have children who are desired and wanted – irrespective of the parents’ gender identity."

The draft law submitted for evaluation on 13 November 2014 exceeds the assignment of the VfGH (Austrian Constitutional Court) to allow the sperm donation to lesbian couples. It also allows egg donation, sperm donation of third parties in the context of artificial insemination and restricted preimplantation genetic diagnosis (examination of the fertilised egg before being implanted into the uterus).

Is financial assistance granted?

By the way, since 2015, same-sex couples are also financially supported by the IVF fund Austria if certain diagnoses are made and defined age limits are not exceeded. And the aforementioned principle also applies to same-sex couples: The earlier they come to see us, the higher the probability will be that they achieve pregnancy.