Learn more through “Kinderwunsch-TV”

In our new online series of videos “Kinderwunsch- TV”, we provide information in straightforward and compact form on everything to do with helping you have a baby. What new opportunities are provided by recent developments in medicine, such as the new EMBRACE embryo test? What fertilisation techniques are available? You’ll learn about these aspects and more when you watch our videos!

What are the factors that compromise male fertility?

In the video Dr. Michael Schenk explains what types of diseases can affect male fertility and in what way a fever constrains the sperm quality. 

The new, non-contact Embryo Gene Test Embrace

Dr. Michael Schenk explains EMBRACE from Igenomix, the new, non-invasive embryo gene test, which has been offered at the Kinderwunsch Institute since August 27, 2020. 

How lifestyle influences the desire to have children

Why do smoking and drinking stink to the Wish Child? Because both have an unpleasant effect on the sperm quality of the man. In the video, Dr. Schenk explains in more detail what this is due to.

Hormonal methods of contraception and the wish for a child

Hormones – a love-hate relationship? In this video Dr. Michael Schenk talks about the connection between hormonal methods of contraception and the wish to have a child.

Research and studies at the Kinderwunsch Institut

Dr. Gregor Weiss, Head of the Department of Science and Research, explains in the video how the research areas at the Fertility Institute are structured.

Age influence in the desire to have children

Fertile forever? Many people think that time does not matter when trying to conceive. But age does influence fertility – of women and men. In the video Dr. Schenk explains why this is so.

Becoming pregnant despite illness?

If you are healthy you will become pregnant more easily. In the video Dr. Schenk explains which illnesses represent a risk and reduce fertility.