Our sperm bank in Graz - secure and discreet

Sperm bank

We provide sperm samples from selected donors.

For a variety of reasons, men may be unable to produce sperm. To help them fulfil their desire for a child of their own, we provide sperm from selected, qualified donors.

Legal framework

Extract from the Reproductive Medicine Act:

The examination of the third-party donor and his sperm must verify that, according to the latest findings of medical science and experience, his semen is fertile and that its use entails no health risks for the woman or the child.

Third-party semen may only be used for medically assisted reproduction if the third-party donor has given his written consent to his sperm being used and that information about him may be passed on by the hospital. This consent may be withdrawn at any point, rendering all further use of the sperm inadmissible.

A third party may only provide one and the same hospital with his sperm for the purpose of medically assisted reproduction. Making sperm available for medically assisted reproduction must not be the purpose of a compensation-based contractual relationship.

Once they have reached their fourteenth birthday, children conceived using third-party sperm shall have the right to access their respective records and obtain information therefrom if they wish to do so.



Sperm selection

Our volunteer donors must fulfil strict criteria and come for regular check-ups. Absolute freedom from infection, elimination of the possibility of hereditary diseases, personal integrity and fertility are the key factors in this context. The name of the donor remains anonymous. He will not be told the name of the woman who receives his sperm.  


Treatment may take place either as part of the woman’s natural cycle or during a medically triggered cycle and is followed by insemination. For this purpose, the third-party sperm is specially washed and then placed in the uterine cavity using a thin catheter.  



  • Healthy 
  • Between 20 and 40 years old
  • Must live locally in order to be able to come for regular check-ups  
  • Normal sperm quality based on WHO criteria

Exclusion criteria

  • Known hereditary diseases in the donor and his family
  • Frequently changing sexual partners 
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Infectious diseases
  • Donations to other sperm banks


After an application has been made, we will set up an appointment for an initial contact. This comprises a medical consultation as well as a health check and sample donation. If after a certain quarantine period the donor criteria have been fulfilled, donation appointments and follow-ups will be scheduled.

Donor compensation

The donor shall receive EUR 90.00 in addition to the official mileage for any necessary appointment in the institute.


To apply as a sperm donor, please call our office during opening hours on +43 (0) 3136 55 111 or use the application form.