Our patent methods

Our patent methods IVF Pure Kinderwunsch Institut

Nature has perfected its selection method for the right egg in a single cycle to such an extent that it makes sense to rely on it.

Trusting in nature makes sense.   

The early 21st century in particular is characterised by a return to natural processes. Traditional European herbal medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and homeopathy are all enjoying a renaissance. In this context, a trend for natural remedies, at least as a first option, is becoming increasingly apparent, with conventional medicine only being brought into the equation where natural approaches fail. 

From the perspective of the patient/the couple, this means:

  1. The woman may be able to avoid hormonal stimulation.
  2. Sidestep: Hormonal stimulation is often experienced as an outside influence against which the woman is powerless. Hormones “take over” and something is happening to her body that she cannot control.
  3. Without the use of hormones, women do not have to confront the spectre of needles, injections and having to self-inject.
  4. Eliminating injections from the process means that there is less need for sonographic monitoring, which in turn reduces the number of appointments and thus also the need to explain absences from the workplace. 
  5. LH tests detect when the command for ovulation is given and thus the “perfect moment” for egg collection.
  6. A treatment under anaesthetic may be the easiest option; however, as only one follicle is aspirated, an anaesthetic is not even mandatory. 

Possible disadvantages

The selection process is limited to a single egg that determines success or failure of the treatment. This may also mean that several attempts are necessary to achieve a pregnancy.

For KIWI, this means that we try to make concessions in terms of price to help couples finance a greater number of attempts.

Couples are free to switch to the IVF Active programme at any time.

The ideal patient is younger than 35 and has normal ovarian reserve levels (AMH).

For patients over 35, IVF Pure is a possible second-line therapy if the ovaries (no longer) respond to hormones (IVF Active) to develop more than one egg. 

Our patent methods IVF active of the Kinderwunsch Institut

With the active use of hormones, all eggs in a treatment cycle may be brought to maturation. Instead of allowing the random, natural selection of a single egg, all eggs in the petri dish are given the opportunity to prove themselves.  

The number of good embryos in the mammalian system is connected to the number of nipples in the female. Twins, for instance, usually account for 5% of all spontaneous conceptions, with single pregnancies being the norm.

By using hormones, any number of recruited egg cells may be brought to maturation.

Hormones may be subtly dosed and show a direct dose-to-effect relationship. They are administered via subcutaneous injection in a simple, safe procedure. Even couples with a “needle phobia” usually find the process straightforward and safe after having tried it once.

Benefits from the perspective of the patient/couple:

  1. This is an active process that often leaves couples feeling that they are doing everything they can to collect the best two embryos (joint experience).
  2. Having several embryos means having the luxury of choice. A single, moderately good egg doesn’t put the entire endeavour at risk – there are plenty more to choose instead. 
  3. The culture selects the embryo with the greatest potential. An additional embryo may be frozen and may eliminate the necessity of yet another hormonal therapy.
  4. Side effects are minimal – very rarely, bruises may occur at the injection site or the patient may experience mood swings.
  5. Very rarely, hyper-stimulation syndrome may occur that is easily brought under control if treated correctly.
  6. This process – stimulation, aspiration, transfer – has, in statistical terms, the highest success rates per egg collection and embryo transfer.
  7. With certain indications, the IVF Fonds may help with the financing at a ratio of  30 to 70.

Possible disadvantages

  1. Costs are higher due to the medication used. Horror stories on hormonal stimulation and its consequences circulate in various online forums.
  2. The ideal patient is any age, has normal or moderately reduced ovarian reserve levels and reacts to FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone).