The fertility test provides certainty


Initiative 32

Why are we not getting pregnant? This is the question distressing all couples who come to our Kinderwunsch Institut, and one factor that is frequently underestimated is the age, in particular the woman’s age. Therefore, early provision and clarification is crucial for planning a family.

From the age of 32, female fertility declines with an increasing speed. Therefore, the age is the greatest risk factor when it comes to desired, though still unachieved pregnancy. Numerous other influencing factors also play a crucial role: smoking, alcohol and stress reduce the fertility as well as severe obesity.

Certain diseases can also have a negative impact on the fertility or sometimes even cause infertility. Female fertility has its optimum between the age of 20 and 24, then first decreases slowly and from the age of 35 declines rapidly. The main reason for this is the decreasing number of eggs that can be fertilised, which with increasing age also show increasing damage of the DNA. This natural process cannot be influenced and is often completely misjudged.

This is where initiative 32 comes in. By means of targeted and extensive clarification, we are aiming to reach the couples which are affected by this problem at an early stage, i.e. at the age of 32. A simple fertility test shows how extensive the egg reserve still is and for how many years the woman will still be fertile. This provides security and if necessary, treatments can be applied at an early stage.

Since the basic principle is: The earlier the less complicated is the treatment and the better is the chance of getting pregnant.



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