Gavi & Geri

The devices “Gavi” and “Geri” designed by Merck Serono increase the precision of the processes and thus also your chance of getting pregnant, and now have become indispensable elements of our work. The devices for the vitrification and time lapse technology are part of the embryology laboratory of the Kinderwunsch Institut.


“Gavi”, the vitrificator, freezes eggs or embryos in a fully automated process by carefully cooling them down to -196°C in a short time and can therefore be stored optimally. In conventional laboratories, this process must be carried out manually and is therefore highly prone to errors.


“Geri”, the miniature incubator, is provided with individually adjustable incubation chambers for each embryo. In this way, interference factors at this very early and sensitive development stage can be minimised and the embryo’s growth can be optimally supported. The concentration of oxygen and the air humidity are precisely adjusted. “Geri” additionally takes pictures of the embryos and in this way records the development process.

We are happy that, thanks to these investments, our laboratory has improved even further and we can support you even more successfully on your way to your child you’ve been waiting for so long.