Our sperm bank – safe & descrete

We provide semen samples of optimum donors.

There are various reasons why some men are not able to produce any sperm cells. To fulfil their desire of having a child nevertheless, we offer sperm cells of selected and especially qualified donors. Safe and discrete: Our sperm bank in Graz.

What is the legal situation?

Extract from the Austrian Reproductive Medicine Act: The examination of the third party and his semen must ensure that the semen is capable of reproduction in compliance with the respective state-of-the-art of medical science and experience and that its use does not pose any health risks to the woman or the desired child.

The semen of a third-party donor may only be used for medically assisted reproduction if the third party has given his written permission to the hospital to such use and to the issuing of information. The consent can be revoked at any time, to the effect that any further use is impermissible.

A third-party donor may always only provide his semen for purposes of medically assisted reproduction to the same hospital. The provision of semen for medically assisted reproduction must not be the subject of a legal transaction in return for payment. From the age of fourteen, the child fathered from the semen of a third party upon request has to be granted access to the records and to the provision of information from these records.


Which requirements must I meet?

  • Good health
  • Between 20-40
  • Resident in the surrounding area, so that regular visits to our institute can be made 
  • Good sperm quality complying with WHO criteria

Which are the criteria for exclusion?

  • Known hereditary diseases of the donor and his family
  • Frequently changing sexual partners
  • Drug and excessive alcohol consumption
  • Infectious diseases
  • Donations to other sperm banks

How do we proceed?

When the application process has been completed, an appointment for a first encounter is made. This initial contact comprises a medical consultation, including a medical check-up and a sample donation. If, after a defined quarantine period, the criteria for being a donor are met, donation appointments and check-ups are subsequently arranged.

Compensation for the use

Is performed in compliance with the Austrian Reproductive Medicine Act


You can apply as a sperm donor by phone during our office hours under +43 (0) 3136 55 111.


Sperm selection

The voluntary donors must meet strict criteria and subject themselves to regular check-ups. In this process, absolute freedom from infects, full exclusion of hereditary diseases, integrity and fertility play a crucial role. The donor’s name will not be disclosed. He will not know the name of the recipient who has received his semen.

How will the treatment take place?

The treatment can either take place in the course of the natural cycle or during a cycle triggered by medication. Then the insemination will be carried out. In this process, the specially prepared donor sperm is injected into the uterine cavity by means of a thin catheter.