From the initial consultation to the birth of your child

What can you expect from the initial consultation?

With us, you’re in the best of hands when it comes to your desire to get pregnant. It is a major concern for all employees of our team to make you feel completely at home in our institute. The non-binding initial consultation at our Kinderwunsch Institut lays the foundation for our joint path. Our first talk serves to get to know each other and to record the medical, psychological and social history of both partners. 

Please call us under +43 (0) 3136 55 111 or use the contact form to arrange your non-binding initial consultation to make your wish for a child come true.


When should you see us to have an initial consultation

  • After one year of unprotected intercourse still no pregnancy has been achieved
  • After stopping contraceptive methods, your period is irregular
  • Your period is missing or occurs very rarely
  • Your relationship is already burdened by a feeling of uncertainty
  • You have already had more than one miscarriage


How do we proceed?

Step 1: The initial consultation

The initial consultation serves the purpose of getting to know each other better. It is our special concern to respond to all your questions and to always be ready to listen to your needs and possible concerns – our aim, after all, is to make you feel completely comfortable in our institute. The more relaxed you are, the greater is the chance of success.

Step 2: Structured interview and clinical diagnostics

In the course of a structured interview, together with you we’ll establish the reasons why a pregnancy has not been achieved yet. On the basis of your individual history, we’ll clarify which steps must be taken to maximise your chances of a pregnancy. If you’ve not already brought any medical test results with you, we’ll perform a diagnostic examination that will approximately take one week. Since we want to do our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible, we’ll take care of all laboratory issues. 

Step 3: Treatment and counseling

As soon as we’re in possession of all results, the next step is treatment counselling, in which we’ll discuss the possible options for a treatment with you. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this treatment? When you’ve decided on a variant, a joint therapy schedule will be established.

Generally, we offer four different therapies at our Kinderwunsch Institut, to make your dream of a baby come true: The first variant is the so-called intercourse at the optimum time. We determine the optimum time for a romantic evening for two, which will be the best time frame during your ovulation.

The second variant is the insemination into the fallopian tubes. In both cases, the fallopian tubes have to be open and the male semen must be of good quality. The added benefit of both variants is that your love life is not enslaved and that sex does not become a duty but a cure again. If the fallopian tubes are blocked or the semen is of a poorer quality, the approach of in-vitro fertilisation, i.e. fertilisation of the egg cell in a Petri dish can be taken into consideration. A further option to be considered is the ICSI approach – the injection of the egg cell with the male sperm cell.

Step 4: Pregnancy test and pregnancy assistance

When all these steps have been performed, a pregnancy test is carried out. During the first stage of your pregnancy, we’ll support you. From the seventh week on, the time when your child’s heart starts to beat, we’ll put you in the hands of your gynaecologist or of a gynaecologist we trust. 



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Timely cancellation

Please inform us in good time if you’re not able to keep your appointment for an initial consultation. Many other couples are waiting for a near-term initial consultation and a doctor from our team is explicitly reserving one whole hour especially for this purpose. If you neglect cancelling your appointment, we reserve the right to charge you for the appointment


What really counts is: From the time you’re pregnant, there won’t be any difference between a romantic or unromantic way of getting pregnant. What counts at the end of the day is that you finally embrace your common child that you’ve been waiting for so long!