All treatment options at a glance


At the Kinderwunsch Institut, a variety of cutting-edge treatment methods is used to maximise your chances of finally holding your own child in your arms. We’ll establish the options that are relevant for you together with you when creating your treatment schedule.



In this process, the fertilised egg is inserted directly into the uterus by means of a catheter.

Via ultrasound, the egg maturation and ovulation are monitored to determine the optimum time for an extraction or fertilisation.

If, for example, the spermatic ducts are blocked, the semen can be extracted directly from the testicle. 

By the administration of precisely dosed hormonal medication, the egg maturation and ovulation are stimulated.

In order to be able to implant to the uterus, the embryo must first “hatch” from its protective shell. We can support this process by means of laser hatching by thinning out this cover in one place or slightly scratching it.

Refractioning the protective zona pellucida (the protective skin of the egg) indicates the quality and degree of maturity of the egg. This makes it possible to select the best eggs and determining the perfect time for fertilisation.

The polar body biopsy supplies genetic information in order to exclude possible chromosomal abnormalities and select a healthy egg.

If only a small number of eggs mature during one cycle, they can be collected across several cycles and frozen until they are fertilised.

By preparing the semen, sperms of good quality are isolated and used for the subsequent fertilisation process.

There are various reasons why some men cannot produce any sperms. To fulfil their desire of having a child nevertheless, we offer sperm cells of selected and especially qualified donors.

By means of a camera which takes several photographs per minute, the development of the embryos can be closely monitored and assessed. In this way, we can select the embryo for the transfer which is developing best and which therefore has the best chance of successfully implanting itself. 

This is the search for genetically balanced embryos, the exclusion of specific genetic communicable diseases that are generated by noticeable individual genes.

In the case of the vitrification, the eggs and embryos are snap-frozen to -196° Celsius in a particularly gentle process. In this process, the cells are damaged substantially less than with conventional techniques. 

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