An overview of our therapies

At the Kinderwunsch Institut, a variety of ​state-of-the-art therapies are used, which ​maximise your chance of achieving your dream of a planned child​. Together, we clarify which possibilities are relevant for you ​when we develop your therapy plan​.


For various reasons, some women cannot produce optimum egg cells. To be able to fulfil the desire to have children despite this, we offer egg cells from carefully selected donors from Austria.


The fertilised egg cell is implanted directly into the uterus using a catheter.

The egg maturation and ovulation are observed using ultrasound, allowing the optimum time for extraction or fertilisation to be determined.

If, for example, the vas deferens is blocked, the sperm can be extracted directly from the testicles.

The egg cell maturation and ovulation are stimulated through the administration of precisely measured hormonal medication.

For implantation to occur, the embryo must first be able to hatch from its protective shell. Laser-assisted hatching can help us to support this process by thinning out or lightly scratching this shell in one place.

The type of refraction of the protective zona pellucida (the layer surrounding an egg cell) provides information on the quality and degree of maturity of the egg cell. This allows the best egg cells to be selected and the perfect time for fertilisation to be determined.

Polar body biopsy provides genetic information to exclude any chromosomal abnormalities and to be able to select a healthy egg cell. 

If only a few egg cells mature during a cycle, these can be collected and frozen over several cycles until fertilisation occurs.

Through the processing of semen, good-quality semen is isolated and only this is used for the later fertilisation.

Some men cannot produce any sperm cells for various reasons. To be able to fulfil the desire to have children despite this, we offer sperm cells from selected and highly qualified donors.

Using a camera that takes photographs several times per minute, the embryos’ development can be monitored and assessed precisely. This allows us to select the embryo for the transfer that has developed optimally and therefore has the best chance of successful implantation.

In vitrification, the egg cells and embryos are flash-frozen in a particularly gentle process to a temperature of -196 °C. This causes much less damage to the cells than in conventional methods.

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