Diagnosis in men

What to expect?    

For the male partner, we’ll perform an analysis of the semen quality in our in-house andrology laboratory. Additionally, both partners are tested for infections and a genetic clarification is carried out.

Once all test results are completed, we establish a personal therapy schedule for you. This therapy schedule will lead you to your goal as quickly and comfortably as possible: To the child you’ve been waiting for so long! 

Ultrasound examinations have become a key component of the fertility diagnostic and therapy. By the use of five high-resolution ultrasound units with colour-coded Doppler, the instrument-based requirements have been met. Surgical measures are carried out on an outpatient basis.


Which are the treatments we provide for men?

Our options at a glance:

  • Reproductive health examination 
  • psychological support, weight management and biofeedback 
  • intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) - Spermatozoon is directly injected into the egg cell, in order to facilitate the fertilisation 
  • Extraction of sperm from the testicle e.g. if the spermatic ducts are blocked
  • Processing of semen - if a too small number or too few motile sperms are available

The treatment option which offers the best prospects of success for you is discussed with both partners in a detailed therapeutic interview.


The stages of examination and diagnosis are characterised by an excellent organisation and couple-oriented processes.

This means that we offer appointments outside of your work hours, we perform blood sampling at the institute and that appointments with other institutions can also be coordinated by us.

Since some examinations depend on the female cycle, a period of four to six weeks is scheduled for the complete clinical diagnostics.