Individual counselling and diagnosis at the Kinderwunsch Institut

Your personal counselling session


A structured interview gives us the possibility to find out why the natural method has not worked until now. In this way, we can use your personal history to clarify which further steps need to be determined to maximise your chances of pregnancy. It is a matter of great importance for us that we answer all your questions and are always ready to listen to you if you need to talk about your needs and any worries – after all, the idea is for you to feel good here in every respect. The more relaxed you are, the greater the chance of success.

Examination & Diagnosis

 The examination and diagnosis phase is shaped by excellent organisation and couple-oriented procedures. This means that we offer appointments outside of your working hours, blood samples are taken at the institute and appointments at other facilities can be coordinated by us. Since some examinations depend on the female cycle, a time frame of four to six weeks is planned for the complete diagnosis.

[Translate to Englisch:] Bei allen Untersuchungen wird modernste Technik verwendet.
[Translate to Englisch:] Moderne Untersuchungsräume lassen keine Wünsche offen

What is examined?

In the woman, the thyroid function, sex hormone balance, blood coagulation, any fallopian tube obstruction, the fallopian tube function and the uterus are examined. In addition, we carry out monitoring of the cycle to prove the growth of ovarian follicles or to prove ovulation.

In the man, an analysis of the sperm quality is carried out in our own andrology laboratory.

Both partners are also examined for infectious diseases and a genetic clarification is carried out.

Ultrasound examinations have become a central component of fertility clarification and fertility therapy. Five high-resolution ultrasound scanners with colour-coded Doppler are used, fulfilling the equipment-related requirements for a precise examination of the vessels. The necessary operative measures are taken on an ambulatory basis. Once we have received all the results, we develop an individual therapy plan for you. This allows you to reach your goal of a planned child as quickly and comfortably as possible!

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