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TCM as a supporting mechanism

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the oldest continually documented medical system and is older than 2500 years. It describes processes in and outside the body as energetic concepts and observes patterns from signs and symptoms that the individual may exhibit in certain circumstances.

Chinese medicine offers different treatment methods such as acupuncture, herbal therapy, Qigong and nutritional advice.  

There are certain disorders for which TCM has proven successful – infertility is one of them.

Die TCM has a slower, gentler approach than western medicine. It is beneficial to start the treatment early on to prepare body and soul and to optimise all therapeutic processes. At the beginning stands a thorough TCM consultation during which the symptoms will be evaluated and discussed from a holistic angle. Furthermore, the appearance of the tongue, pulse, skin and many more physical characteristics will be assessed, all resulting in a comprehensive TCM diagnosis that will form the basis of the treatment. 


The cornerstones of TCM are a highly individual diagnosis and precise observation of signs and symptoms both inside and outside the body, resulting in a highly personalised therapy that relies on gentle treatment methods. TCM strives to stimulate the body’s regulatory mechanisms and to re-establish a balance where it diagnoses disharmony.

Western and Chinese approaches are highly different but can in fact work very well together on a complementary basis, with mutually beneficial influences. In the context of infertility, for instance, TCM may influence the menstrual cycle, egg and sperm quality, the endometrium and the implantation of the egg. TCM may be used as a complementary procedure throughout the western infertility treatment or accessed at intervals. The positive influence of acupuncture on achieving higher pregnancy rates both before and after the embryo transfer has already been documented in scientific studies.

At the Kinderwunsch Institute, Dr. Ursula Ritz provides TCM treatment and are happy to answer any questions you may have.