Simply the best - the partners of the Kinderwunsch Institut

Our partners

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We’re collaborating with different organisations, associations and companies in the field of research and development in order to be able to acquire the latest insights. Strong partners for a strong Kinderwunsch Institut!

These are our partners in the field of research and development:

Human Technologie Cluster Styria (HTS) is an economic initiative for strengthening the competitiveness of the Styrian companies, institutions and scientific facilities in the field of human technology. The collaboration of economy, research and research funding is a guarantor for the future success of companies. In this regard, Styria can refer to numerous small businesses, medium-size enterprises and large companies in the field of human technology. By co-organisation, cooperation and coordination, the cluster supports its members.

It is the objective of the HTS cluster to create an efficient network of economy, science and politics in the field of human technology. By utilising synergies between the participating companies and institutions, cooperations, company start-ups and relocations are actively promoted.


Medical specialist centre Dobl


Dr. med. univ. Michael Salfellner of our medical specialist centre Dobl is an experienced medical specialist in the fields of gynaecology and obstetrics, urology and andrology.


MerckSerono is a biotechnology company which operates globally in the field of fertility treatments. MerckSerono Austria offers the complete, recombinant product portfolio for successful reproductive treatment. Furthermore, there are research projects in which we are collaborating with MerckSerono.


MSD is a globally leading company in the healthcare sector. Since 2009, Merck + Schering have merged under this corporate name.

The platform provides some information about the subject of the unfulfilled desire to have a child. 


Ferring is a highly specialised biopharmaceutical company which develops, produces and distributes innovative preparations in the fields of

  • reproductive medicine 
  • urology 
  • chronic inflammatory bowel diseases 
  • endocrinology and 
  • obstetrics


Gedeon Richter

It is our goal to become a long-term and valuable partner of doctors and women by providing top quality, pharmaceutical products and reliable services. This requires effective communication and cooperation.

Med Uni Graz

“Sustainable Health Research” is the central subject at the Medical University of Graz. Teaching, research and patient care under the banner of sustainability with the central focus on prevention and promotion of health characterise the Styrian health university.  


The hub for innovative, biomedical research


Primarius Dr. Michael Schenk, MAS and the Kinderwunsch Institut are important partners for the master course of clinical embryology of “UNI for Life”.


Develops intelligent temperature measuring systems such as femSense. The intelligent plaster with sensor technology helps women determine the fertile days in their cycle.

CB Med

Centre for medical biomarker research. The combination of innovative technologies with an international and interdisciplinary expertise is to provide for worldwide recognition in the fields of cancer, metabolism and inflammations until 2030.


Yvonne Zöllinger - psychotherapy, coaching, experts' reports

By providing individual support of her clients - both from a technical and a human point of view - optimum, target-oriented solutions for a relaxed pregnancy can be found. At the Kinderwunsch Institut she has found a team which sees and actually live up to professionalism and humanity as a matter of course and to take it as a work basis in the daily encounter with people.

Mag. Dr. Konstanze Bayer - clinical psychologist and health psychologist

Counselling in the fields of clinical and health psychology, treatments, hypnosis, coaching and training. Individual therapy, couple’s therapy and group therapy.



Our accommodation partners

Haus Steirer am Kaiserwald - relaxation in the country

Papileon - the secret paradise amidst the Styrian vineyards