Our Kinderwunsch Institut

Insights into the Kinderwunsch Institut

[Translate to Englisch:] Erfahrene Experten zum Thema „künstliche Befruchtung“ finden Sie im Kinderwunsch Institut Dr. Schenk in Graz.
[Translate to Englisch:] Kinderwunsch Institut Dr. Schenk - erfüllen Ihnen den Wunsch vom eigenen Kind.
[Translate to Englisch:] Wir vom Kinderwunsch Institut klären Ihre Fragen zum Thema „Fruchtbarkeit“. Umfassend, einfühlsam und mit absoluter Diskretion.

The Kinderwunsch Institut offers comprehensive, sensitive counselling and treatment for people who are reproductively challenged. We’re giving new life a realistic chance. 

Please watch the video to have a look around in the Kinderwunsch Institut, see what it is exactly that we’re doing here, and, of course, to see what “Glückskinder” parents have to say about the treatment.

The atmosphere

The well-being of our employees and patients as well as the sustainable handling of natural resources are items of top priority in the Kinderwunsch Institut. 

In order to comply with these standards, we offer:

  • Absolute discretion
  • Easy accessibility and a sufficient number of parking spaces
  • Barrier-free entrances
  • A comfortable waiting area providing Internet access and a coffee lounge
  • A special children's area with a baby's changing table
  • A neatly cultivated outdoor area with a children's playground for toddlers

As regards the exterior design of our facilities, we’re setting completely new standards with a clear, light architecture and a new patient’s room concept which particularly focuses on protecting your privacy. Furthermore, spacious, spatially separated areas provide space for complementary treatment processes such as TCM and herbal medicine.

Our quality

Quality is everything. An integrated quality management is therefore indispensable when you want to be one of the best IVF* centres in Europe.

We act on our convictions and as a result we’ve already been certified in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 in 2002. We’re maintaining this high standard by annual reviews and further certifications.


For you, this means: constant good care and quality of results.

We support...

The Kinderwunsch Institut supports the campaign "My vision may be impaired, but I am not blind.” of the Odilien Institute.