“Glückskinder” association

All children connected to the Kinderwunsch Institut are “Glückskinder”(long-desired children) the Association for Glückskinder, their parents and parents-to-be was founded.


What does the Glückskinder association do?

It is the objective of the association to offer a platform to exchange experiences to couples who are still childless or who are pregnant. Discussions regarding the fulfilment of the strong desire to have a child are still of great importance even after the long-desired child has been born. 

What are my benefits as member?

  • Free specialist lectures about different subjects with regard to the desire to have a child, pregnancy, the breastfeeding period, relaxation techniques, etc.
  • The Glückskinder magazine twice per year by mail
  • Glückskinder exchange platform advertisements are free of charge for members
  • Free-of-charge participation in Glückskinder parties - fun and entertainment for all ages guaranteed


How do I become a member and what must I do?

With a one-time membership fee of €50 you become a part of the Glückskinder family and support us financially in the implementation of our goals and the organisation of the Glückskinder parties. Assistance on your part is not required, and there won’t be any further fees involved!

We would be very happy to welcome you as a member!
Kind regards, the Glückskinder family



Request for membership to the association

Request for membership to the association


This was the Glückskinder party in 2018

The Glückskinder party in 2018: Together we discovered the structure of a cell and with Kasperl, Pezi and Co. we learned what is a DNA. 


This was the Glückskinder party in 2019

The Glückskinder party in 2019: We discovered Leonardo da Vinci's greatest works and tried our hand at colourful painting experiments in addition to playing and having fun.